For the love of all animals and a greener Pakistan


We are a dedicated team of environmentalist and animals lovers belonging to a wide range of professional fields. We are dreamers, artists, engineers, councillors, scientists and marketing professionals with one thing in common: Love for this planet!

Sehrish Malik – Founder

Animal rights activist, animal care professional, artist and writer with years of experience working and volunteering for UK shelters including RSPCA, Mayhew, Bath Cats and Dogs Home and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Plus an animal rescuer independently. Proud cat momma of two lovely kitties, Frodo and Tia

Website: https://www.soledads-atelier.com/

Hassan Abdul Rehman – Co-founder/IT Support

Tech lead by profession, animal lover by heart, now lending his expertise to our cause- Happy cat-daddy of two lovely kitties

Karolina Parez Sima – Workshop Coordinator/Writer

An amazing writer, feminist and vegan activist. She is mom of Vigo and cat mom of two lovely boys, Lafayette and Lannister.

Frodo Baggins and Tia Dalma (aka Calypso)Art Consultants

Two of the most important team members – Frodo and Tia, the art consultants! They are the creative genius behind it all!

Fizza SuhailProgram Development Support/Workshop Instructor

Mental health professional – Amazing with children and animals alike! She is cat-momma of two beauties, Cleo and Daisy!

Saira Hussain Outreach Advisor/Workshop Instructor

Developer by profession, environment enthusiast and animal lover by heart.

Lucky Supporter Suppawt!

If you have a problem, our customer care specialist, Lucky, is there to get you through it!


Most importantly, our amazing volunteer contributors – We are nothing without them!

Moz Rauf – He has contributed some of his amazing award-winning photographs for our cause. You will see it across our social media pages as well as the website. Visit his amazing photography @ Moz Rauf’s Photography – Above is one of his amazingly captured photographs.

Hafsa Farooq Maan – She has captured some of the biggest issues we are trying to raise and contributed it to our cause. She has also volunteered at our workshops! You will see her photography across our social media pages as well as the website. She is cat-mom of lovely Shams. Check out her amazing cafe/bakery in Lahore @ A Piece of Cake
Emily Pang – Emily is Genetics Professional and an all-around nature and animal enthusiast, having grown up cuddling all her friends’ pets and living off documentaries and animal books. She and her furbaby, Lucky, have helped us at our events and at other countless times!
Carol – Carol is a lifelong animal lover as well a vegan. She helps us at our London events and provides us with lovely pictures of her two beautiful cats 🙂

If you wish to be a part of our unique team or want to be our volunteer/contributor, please get in touch!