For the love of all animals and a greener Pakistan

Personal Stories: Oreo and Family!

Oreo is our this week’s featured super cat! He has brought so much joy to his family since he entered their lives! This is what Alina (one of his lovely human sibling) has to say: “Meet Sir Oreo Meows-a-lot! The first time I saw Oreo, he was as tiny as the palm of my hand.Continue reading “Personal Stories: Oreo and Family!”

Personal Stories: Hafsa and Shams

In February of 2016, Hafsa lost her best friend to very sudden and tragic death. As her life turned upside down, Hafsa went into a sort of hiding and hibernation mode, trying to cope with the loss. However, in this state of depression, all kinds of unhealthy thoughts started swirling in her mind, and sheContinue reading “Personal Stories: Hafsa and Shams”