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Cats: Why Do We Do What We Do! Part 1

A Majestic Stray Cat of Lahore

Ever look at your feline friend and wonder what a perfect little creature they are? Cats are truly one of the most majestic of all creatures that roam the Earth. However, even after thousands of years of living in close quarters with us humans, they remain quite a mystery to us!

Even people who have cats as a part of their families often fail to understand feline behaviour. So what are some things that cats are and are not?

Cats are not dogs!

That is very correct AND very important to understand- Our lovely dog friends are pack animals, meaning they live with other dogs to survive in the wild (wolves)- hence they prefer company – that’s why they tend to show more emotion and are easier to read, and of course, ask for a lot of attention. Cats, on the other hand, are very solitary creatures. Taking example of the big cats; other than lions, big cats tend to lead a very solitary life and only come together with their kind to mate. Female big cats raise their babies alone, and once they are big enough they go on to lead their OWN solitary lives.

Since cats do not live in groups, they do not have the need to be transparent in their emotions. This can be a tricky when it comes to our lovely feline friends living with us. Often we do not understand what our cats are trying to tell us!

My boy Frodo being perfectly happy alone!

Cats do not like TOO much physical contact

While it is important to note that we are talking about felines as a species and not individual cats, most cats do not like to have too much physical contact and love to have their own space. This also generates from the fact that they are solitary creatures. This often leads to people blaming cats to being moody or snobby! Cats love you, in fact they love their humans just as much as dogs do, but they are not very good at showing it, and their solitary nature dictates that they ask for space. We as humans need to learn to respect that. But how?

So, if your cat scratches you, gives you a little nip or walks away from you when you are trying to hug them, it’s best to give them their space – You wouldn’t like someone to come and pat your hair when you are trying to be alone or watch Netflix, would you?

Once your kitty had its alone time, it will come back to you for cuddles itself, and oh how special those moments are!

My boy Frodo enjoying cuddles after he had his alone time!

For now let’s ponder over these feline facts, and in next article of this series, we will discuss cat body language to understand what your kitty is trying to tell you!

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