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Personal Stories: Karolina and Lafayette

It was me and Lafayette first. I had been talking to my now husband then boyfrind JT and I told him how I really wanted to get a
cat. I first wanted a puppy, even though I am a 100/100 cat person. I used to have a cat that remained half wild and ended up escaping forever so I thought a dog would be easier…

But I was aware that living alone, in a tiny flat, studying and partying (ah, the
twenties!) I might not be able to give him the best home. So I thought, maybe a cat again, as they are very independent… JT answered with ease typical of him, also a cat person, if you want a cat, then adopt a cat! And you know what? It was just that simple…

I think we often overcomplicate so many things in our life, trying to talk ourselves in and out of decisions, but when it comes to loving animals we should follow our gut. Of course, I was reasonable, paying attention to what I can offer this rescue pet of mine. But, I stopped myself from wondering and wanting to ‘one day’ have a pet. I realised that if I have a roof, food and pay my bills, I can take care of a cat.

Lafayette has been the best feline companion I could have asked for. He is independent, but loving, he is super chill, and he travelled the world with us! Lafayette moved from Warsaw to Santo Domingo, from Santo Domingo to Vienna and from there to here, London!

He never complained and with every move, his presence was what made us all feel at home that much quicker in the new place. And I think he loves discovering the world, because he is never happier than when he can go on his adventures, at first on a harness and leash or in greener areas just walking like a… dog that he thinks he is.

Lafayette with his brother, Lannister

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