For the love of all animals and a greener Pakistan

Personal Stories: Fizza and Daisy

Fur babies bring an energy of their own with them – for Daisy, that energy was one of healing and joy. Daisy came to us when little was going right for us and overnight her presence changed the energy of our house and brought not only a sense of healing, happiness and tranquility into ourContinue reading “Personal Stories: Fizza and Daisy”

Cats: Why Do We Do What We Do! Part 1

Ever look at your feline friend and wonder what a perfect little creature they are? Cats are truly one of the most majestic of all creatures that roam the Earth. However, even after thousands of years of living in close quarters with us humans, they remain quite a mystery to us! Even people who haveContinue reading “Cats: Why Do We Do What We Do! Part 1”

Personal Stories: Karolina and Lafayette

It was me and Lafayette first. I had been talking to my now husband then boyfrind JT and I told him how I really wanted to get acat. I first wanted a puppy, even though I am a 100/100 cat person. I used to have a cat that remained half wild and ended up escapingContinue reading “Personal Stories: Karolina and Lafayette”