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Personal Stories: Hassan and Tia

Tia came into our lives a year ago when my wife fostered a litter of unwanted kittens that were brought to her work place (Bath Cats and Dogs Home) – She was one of the three kittens (two boys one girl) and instantly, she made her way into our hearts with her feisty, loud yet shy nature. She was the smallest of her siblings and would initially hide behind my guitar!

Tia in the centre (Finn and Ray, on left and right, her siblings)

Since I was to work from home for the next 6 odd months, we decided that it was the best time to introduce a little kitten into our family of two humans and a cat (Frodo)

Being a stay at home cat-dad at that time, I instantly bonded with little Tia as soon as she was adopted. She would stay all day with me in my office and make my work more difficult and yet more productive at the same time.

My Pawsonal Assistant!

We gradually introduced her to her older brother, Frodo – it wasn’t the smoothest ride, however with her perseverance, she convinced Frodo to accept and love her!

Tia with her brother, Frodo

A year later, she is no longer the size of my palm and has grown up to be a little panther, she goes out and explores the world! She is the naughtiest and cuddliest cat, and I cannot imagine my life without her. Every day, she welcomes me when I get home with her little face and big ears and eyes, she is the most conversational cat I’ve ever met – Her energy is endless! She brings so much happiness into our home and keeps her brother active as well!

Even now when I work from home, she hops up and sits between me and the laptop, guess she thinks she is still that tiny little kitten –

Her happy disposition brings such joy and good energy into our house and we cannot imagine ever having our home without her!

She gives the best kisses!

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