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Helping Stray Cats: Comfortable Place

In our previous blog, Helping Stray Cats, we discussed how we can help our feline friends by feeding them the right food, that is not unhealthy for them (such as milk!). Also, remember to leave out fresh clean water for them!

This blog is all about giving your new outdoor feline friend a comfortable place to rest and sleep so they are sheltered from the weather and hardships of a feral life. So what if you don’t have space for a kitty inside your home, you can always give them TLC (tender loving care) and protection outside your home!

Hafsa Maan feeding some strays!

Whether it is scorching summer heat or cold winter night, stray cats look for a shelter, but in our urban environment, it is becoming exceeding difficult for them to find a safe place from the elements of the Earth. Often, there are pregnant cats that are looking for a safe shelter for their little ones, we will explain in our next blog the ways you can help neonatal kittens, kittens and mums.

Cats cardboard love boxes, it’s a universal fact! That could be because boxes are small and enclosed and they feel like it is a safe place that is all their very own. Cats are territorial and solitary creatures after all. We all often have spare boxes lying around in our houses and you can create a perfectly functioning little sheltered place for your feline friend from one.

a nice sheltered feeding station for the stray cat/cats

Make sure you place this box in a sheltered area in your house, maybe your porch or some outside room? (keep the door open at all times in that case) Always feed your feline friend in a sheltered area as well.

Once you have a nice cat-sized box, you’ll need a waterproof layer, a plastic sheet would work just fine. This is so rain wouldn’t get in and spoil the nice bedding.

a waterproofed box with soft bedding inside!

Inside this box, place soft and cosy bedding for the cat, using anything from your old sweaters to old blankets. Cover this box with another soft blanket, leaving the entrance open.

That being said, you can place several little boxes outdoors so your feral kitty can pick the best spot according to its mood!

If you try our waterproof box method, do let us know how it worked out for you and your outdoor cat!

PS: the gorgeous DIVA cat starring in this blog is named Daisy!

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