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Compassion Workshop: American Lycetuff Johar Town Boys Branch

On the 17th of January, we had a lovely compassion workshop at Johar Town American Lycetuff’s boys’ branch. The audience was children of Grade 5. We were accompanied by Todd’s Welfare Society, who brought in two lovely rescue pups, Lola and Bear, for the kids to meet!

The workshop was split into two parts, Climate Crises and Coexisting with all beings. Prior to meeting the pups, kids were taught the etiquettes of meeting a dog for the first time and were familiarised with health and safety around animals.

Children got to learn the reason behind climate crises and the little ways in which they can help, they were taught the importance of all beings on Earth and why compassion towards them is necessary. They were also taught basic ways in which they can help stray cats and dogs.

Thanks to our lovely team, Saira and Hafsa, for an amazing workshop. We are grateful to the lovely staff of American Lycetuff for welcoming us and special thanks to Todd’s Welfare Society for being there with us!

Here are some pictures from the day:

If you wish to have us over at your school in Pakistan, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch!

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