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Personal Stories: Oreo and Family!

Oreo’s Family!

Oreo is our this week’s featured super cat! He has brought so much joy to his family since he entered their lives! This is what Alina (one of his lovely human sibling) has to say:

“Meet Sir Oreo Meows-a-lot! The first time I saw Oreo, he was as tiny as the palm of my hand. Ever since then, everyone has treated him as a part of our family and we all love him dearly. His cuddles help us get through rough days. People associate black cats with bad luck. For me and my entire family, Oreo has been nothing but a source of joy. He is beautiful just like any other cat, whatever “breed” or “colour”.”

There are a lot of stigmas around black cats – black coloured cats always end up in rescue centres and are the last to be rehomed – Some of it is suspicion of bad luck, other simply because people think black cats are not beautiful enough or are not very “Instagram-able”. However, those of us lucky to have black cats in our lives know that they have so much love to give and they are really the prettiest little panthers! Thanks, Alina, Ali, Samira and Saira for sharing this lovely story with us!

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