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Compassion Workshop: Beaconhouse Canal Side Campus, Lahore

January 2020, we had our compassion workshop at Lahore’s Beaconhouse Canal Side Campus

Team SACI with the second group of students and the principal, Ms Saima Lone, Canal Side Campus

This month, we held our Compassion Workshop at Lahore’s Beaconhouse Canal Side Campus. The workshop aimed at Grade 5 children, and was divided into two parts.

Part I educated children regarding the climate crises, specifically air pollution, which is leading to SMOG in Lahore, Pakistan. Children were introduced with the threat of air pollution, and the steps they can take to eliminate it. They were also educated on how to take care of themselves during Smog days.

Further on children learnt about threat plastic poses to the environment.

Part II taught children the importance of co-existing with all beings on earth and being kind to them. They were told why and how to be kind to all beings. Further on children learnt health and safety around animals, how to help and feed the stray population of cats and dogs and lastly, how the etiquettes of meeting a dog for the first time.

Courtesy Todd’s Welfare Society, at the end of the workshop, children got to meet two lovely puppies, Lola and Tyson.

Here are some pictures from this fun filled day:

Thanks to our lovely Team SACI Pakistan, Todd’s Welfare Society and administration and lovely children of Beaconhouse Canal Side Campus! We will be going back soon to arrange a workshop with the rest of the students of Grade 5 – totalling to 210 children who learnt compassion!

Special Thanks to our volunteer photographers: Humaira, Moin and Mubashar

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