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Lucy’s Story

On 3rd of January this year, our Program Coordinator, Fizza Suhail, found an abandoned kitten near her house – after looking for a mama cat and siblings and failing to find any, we made the decision that it’s best to take in this little kitten before it gets hurt by other tomcats (she was already being bullied by a few).

After saving this little kitten from a catfight, Fizza managed to get her in the carrier and take her to the vet, where it was vaccinated and treated for mild issues, however, she was declared healthy for the time being. We also discovered she was a girl! Having 2 cats of her own, Fizza couldn’t keep her, however, our lovely Workshop Coordinator, Mehreen Zeshan stepped forward (and named her Lucy) –

Here is Lucy’s story in Mehreen’s words:

Lucy came to us one Friday night. She was a rescue kitten and one of my friends brought her to our house. My kids and I instantly fell in love with her despite the fact that she was very shy and hid in the carrier all-day- She looked healthy, however, she was having runny poos. Initially, we took it as a result of the stress she’s been through on the streets.

As I used to bring her the food and converse with her, she began warming up to me. Eventually, when I would return home from my day at the job she would welcome me by purring and meowing (from the safety of her safe box though!). Hassan, my 8-year-old son used to read to her everyday and she fell asleep on many occasions as she felt so peaceful – they were developing a bond of trust gradually. I had instructed my children to give her the space she needs, and they understood! The love was two-sided.

However, little did we know that she was with us just for a few days. She got diarrhoea and very quickly became severely sick. After a week-long visit to the vets, waking up at several occasions at night to change her hot bottle to keep her warm and revive her health, our sweet Lucy left us forever Saturday afternoon, just over a week after she had entered our lives with her little footsteps. Her memory will stay with us forever. We miss her every day and her little paw prints will always be in our hearts!

She taught me and my children the value of a bond with an animal and although we have decided to adopt a kitten from Todd’s Welfare Society to give another kitty a forever home, Lucy will always be our first little furbaby!

Lucy lost her fight to feline parvovirus, a disease that sadly is 90% fatal and effects kittens from a very young age. It is unfortunately not uncommon amongst cats in Pakistan. Parvovirus is covered in second vaccination that a kitten gets, however, Lucy had only had the chance to get the first one.

SACI will continue fighting for these little kittens hoping that one day these little babies will have a better chance at life.

Thanks to Mehreen and Fizza as well as our littlest volunteers, Hassan and Sara, for giving Lucy all that love in her last days.

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