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Personal Stories: Emily and Lucky

A little story about a girl and her dog:

Growing up, I always hated change and I was painfully shy. Moving to London to study was a major step for me as a person. I was overwhelmed, coming from a small town in Wales to the big city, and it was the loneliest I had ever felt.  Knowing absolutely no one, being my socially anxious self and having almost no friends, I spent the first few years in London very closed off and unwilling to go out or do anything. I was constantly counting down the days that I could go home to my family again.

When I was given the opportunity to look after a dog whose family situation was also changing around him, I knew that knowing him would be the best thing to ever happen for me.

I adopted Lucky, this displaced little dog, a couple of years ago and it’s all been uphill since. His presence has filled a lot of that emptiness that I’d been feeling and replaced it with so much joy. He’s a massive goofball, has a really fun personality and is also such an affectionate and loving dog. He gets me out of the house and, when we are out, gives me the confidence to talk to others, to see new places and to breathe and enjoy life a little more!

I’m not sure what he thinks about having me as his companion, but I’m definitely lucky to have him!

Emily & Lucky x

Thanks, Emily for sharing this lovely story with us!

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