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Personal Stories: Hafsa and Shams

In February of 2016, Hafsa lost her best friend to very sudden and tragic death. As her life turned upside down, Hafsa went into a sort of hiding and hibernation mode, trying to cope with the loss. However, in this state of depression, all kinds of unhealthy thoughts started swirling in her mind, and she knew she had to put a stop to them.

Hafsa had lost a cat seven years prior to this tragic event in her life and had decided not to get a pet again, however, she started to feel now might be the right time to welcome a little furry friend in her life. She instantly knew she wanted to adopt a black kitten!

Shams came into her life one night on 27th of Ramadan when she was driving by a deserted street in Rawalpindi:

“I noticed this tiny lost kitten I stopped to check on it and instead of being afraid it ran straight to my car and tried to climb inside with its tiny legs…”

baby Shams

As she put this little black kitten in her lap, it instantly made her lap his home and cuddled.

“I named him shams after the wandering dervish because that’s how I found him and since then he has been a source of wisdom and comfort for me – Just his presence and his natural way of being beautiful, authentic and pure has led me to find so much comfort, strength and love in my time of grief and since then it has been a happy, beautiful journey”

Shams now, a handsome boy

Thank you, Hafsa, for sharing this beautiful story with us!

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