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Helping Stray Cats

by Sehrish Malik

Picture by Hafsa Farooq Maan

Do you have meowy residents around where you live or work? Are they always trotting around on their little paws looking for food looking all murky and weak?

Feeding stray animals, seeing them become your friends and seeing their health improve, their playful nature return can be one of the most rewarding things!

If you love animals, the sight of struggling stray animals can be heartbreaking, you feel helpless in how to help them – but guess what, it doesn’t take too much to help a stray cat!

There are several things you can feed a stray cat which would keep it and (if) it’s kittens warm and full – besides if their tummies are happy, they can be great help outside your housekeeping the pests away!

So what can you feed little meowy friends and make a lot of furry friends? Here are some things you must NOT feed a cat:

  • Chicken bones – they can get stuck in their throats!
  • Milk! there is a common theory that cats love milk – while they love it, did you know they are lactose intolerant? So they might drink it but it is actually damaging their gut over time, so please never feed a cat with milk!

You can easily find cat kibble at any pet store, and usually, a kg bag will be enough to feed a stray cat for a whole month! You can also give them boiled chicken (no bones), a handful for one meal (2 meals a day to start with) is good enough! here is the list:

  • Cat kibble: 1 kg would last a whole month, Matisse and Nutragold are good brands to look out for – (Cost:
  • Boiled chicken
Strays eating cat kibble in Istanbul! Picture by Fizza Suhail

You can keep a couple of bowls of fresh water out for them too, so they don’t drink contaminated water from the road-side. If you see a pregnant/mom cat, you can always buy kitten kibble for the mom, because it will have all the nutrition a pregnant cat or new mom would need.

You can also help a lot of furry friends by donating to Todd’s Welfare Society

So next time you see a struggling feline, don’t hesitate in adopting a totally independent friend who would love to welcome you outside your gate and would love you unconditionally. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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