For the love of all animals and a greener Pakistan

Personal Stories: Hafsa and Shams

In February of 2016, Hafsa lost her best friend to very sudden and tragic death. As her life turned upside down, Hafsa went into a sort of hiding and hibernation mode, trying to cope with the loss. However, in this state of depression, all kinds of unhealthy thoughts started swirling in her mind, and sheContinue reading “Personal Stories: Hafsa and Shams”

Helping Stray Cats

by Sehrish Malik Do you have meowy residents around where you live or work? Are they always trotting around on their little paws looking for food looking all murky and weak? Feeding stray animals, seeing them become your friends and seeing their health improve, their playful nature return can be one of the most rewardingContinue reading “Helping Stray Cats”

Animal Aid Christmas Festival 2019

Our Animal Aid Christmas Festival 2019 was a huge success thanks to all the supporters as well as our lovely volunteers! Also special thanks to our featured charity Todd’s Welfare Society for all the amazing work they do, we are hoping to collaborate a lot more in future as well. Here are a few imagesContinue reading “Animal Aid Christmas Festival 2019”